The Work:
Performance Driven,
Consumer Focused

I am an experienced Creative Director and Brand Designer looking for a new adventure and larger team to work with. I bring creative leadership and experience with digital, print and environmental projects that will enable me to quickly become a contributor, and produce stellar work building brand equity and strengthening the lifetime value of customer relationships.

I am currently looking for a new place to do great creative work. Give me a shout.


Caring and Consistent

Lead the team that created a recognizable brand for Coca-Cola European Partners internal communications, called Connect. Grow. Win. The visual system is used in all aspects of HR and internal communications, from recruiting to employee engagement initiatives across 7 countries in Europe.

Our strategy was to treat internal communications as we would external marketing and branding. Using multiple touchpoints that included print, digital, events and video we created a recognizable visual and verbal language that reached people in the workplace and at home. The approach increased employee engagement scores and won numerous IABC and Melcrum awards.

Marketing / Advertising