Created an exclusive package for new managers. It is meant to celebrate the moment with form and function. The desktop organizer reflected the UPS brand sensibility, with key materials and a nod to environmental sustainability.

UPS Guidelines

Consolidated the 42-document catalog of UPS brand guidelines into one clear, concise document called Brand 101. The new execution saved time and money by improving on-brand communication production.

UPS Flatrate Box

UPS launched a new product into its retail outlets – flat rate boxes. Designed the boxes and point of purchase displays to reflect the UPS brand’s friendly tone and convey reliable, trackable delivery on the box itself.

UPS Flatrate POS

UPS Express Guidelines, Visual System Development

Developed and applied a graphic system that can be adapted to any number of retail situations or settings around the world. A simplified, and neutral, color palette with clear direction for proper logo and text usage enables a very flexible retail activation that remains true to the UPS brand.

The new guidelines have enabled the UPS Express management team to show partners how to better implement the power of the UPS brand in their retail space and to apply the UPS Express visual system consistently throughout the world.